Payment | Financial Services | Development and Security

We are software crafters.
We have been working on payment systems for years. We gained our skills by working over 10 years with motivation, discipline and passion in scalable and high volume traffic environments.

We value ethical software development, craftsmanship, professionalism and believe in a software development culture and continuous service with an agile and lean mindset, DevOps culture and continuous delivery.

Our process is based on the craftsmanship principle “The best way to have a happy customer, is having an involved customer”.


Serdar Karacay

10+ years of experience in the finance industry. I have worked on over 10 enterprise financial applications. These applications managed over 10 million transactions per day for business in all processes from card operations to fraud. Bridging the gap between business and technology, I will help you discover business potentials, present your solutions prospects, review or develop technical architectures and build a quick proof of concepts.

Alex James

I am a blockchain enthusiast who has a technical background and working as a product manager for now. I wear multiple hats in the blockchain industry, such as ambassador to both Polkadot and Acala, contributor, lecturer, and developer. I’m willing to explore blockchain ecosystems and communities.

Cem Redif

Born & raised in London, UK with over 25 years software experience working through the last 3 main technological shifts with various technologies. I specialise in mainly Java technologies and worked in many positions from Senior Java Architect/Designer/Developer to CTO/Management level implementing from mid to multimillion pound large-scale systems. I am innovative and can build large sustainable, that is, scaleable software systems to fit your business requirements. A friendly communicator and a flexible team player, I can present/explain complex information simply&clearly to clients and work colleagues alike. I made contributions to the completion of Modern Java in Action book by Raoul-Gabriel Urma (2019). I graduated from Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, UK with BSc Honours and I'm up-to-date with emerging technologies, continuously acquiring new skills to maintain my leading edge.



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